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"Who or what is a "Skyfinder"? It is someone who has looked inside his heart and found the taste of a limitless, sky-like treasure."

German Designer Yessica Younes studied visual communication at the University of Applied Science in Düsseldorf, Germany. Inspired by her personal study and practice of meditation, she ‘gave birth’ to the project SKYFINDER©: a designer label and brand that aims to reflect and radiate joie de vivre, contemplative inspiration and authenticity – along with many other positive qualities that the designer personally associates with meditation.

“The brand SKYFINDER© offers a small variety of carefully handcrafted meditation accessories. It all started with discovering my passion to design accessories that are supportive to meditation. I love creating them and I'm so happy to see others using them as a joyful companion in their daily lives. All items are handmade with love.